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Sending newsletters to your website visitors and customers is very easy.

With Professional Mailings and Newsletters you can benefit from all the features of one of the world famous Message Software. You don't need to install anything to getting subscribers and sending E-mails.
You have control over all your subscribers E-mail Addresses through your own Control Panel.
Send Text or HTML E-mails from our HostingServer not from your Computer.

How it works?

A If a Subscriber signs up for your Newsletter or Specials, (like in the Signup Testform box on the left side) first he -the Subscriber- gets a Confirmation E-mail to make sure his E-mail Address is valid. When he confirms, his E-mail Address is stored in your Message Account Database.
B To send News to your Subscribers you just login to your Control Panel and create or copy your Text or HTML Mails, select your Targetgroup (Category) and push the send button. DONE!

You can send unlimited number of messages to an unlimited number of recipients. Every account gets his own Licence key for the Software and Password for the Database.

First things first.

Test the subscribe process.
If you want to experience what your website visitors might see if you get a account, then please consider taking a Test.
In the top left Newsletter Sign up, type in your E-mail address and in the Full Name field type "test" then after the test sign up process, your E-mail address will be deleted.

Have a look at your Control Panel.

Have a look at the End-user Subscribers Examples.


Using Message Database is easy. Sign up for your account now.

Message End-User Subscriber Examples:
You can change and edit the Examples for your Convenience.
The only thing you have to do is past and copy a Example to your Website.
Example One: Basic subscribe/unsubscribe without the name and a static group.
E-mail Address:  
Subscribe:  UnSubscribe: 

Example Two: Basic subscribe/unsubscribe with the name and select box.

Full Name:  
E-mail Address:  
Mailing List: 
Subscribe:  UnSubscribe: 

Example Three: Subscribe/unsubscribe with name and multiple select-box.

E-mail Address:  
Full Name:  
Monthly Newsletters:
(CTRL+Click for multiple) 

Example Four: Subscribe/unsubscribe with name and check-boxes.
Full Name:  
E-mail Address:  
Notify Me Of: - Last Minute Vacations
- Storm Warnings
- Website Updates
- Super Sales
- Cancellations

Subscribe:  UnSubscribe: 

Using Message Database is eazy. Sign up for your account now.

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